Setting up a Kubernetes sandbox in AWS EC2

In this post I’ve summarized the steps you can follow to setup your single-node Kubernetes cluster in AWS EC2 as a sandbox for educational or development purpose. I’ve reviewed several tutorials covering the same topic, but – probably because of the quick evolution of the platforms – none of them worked without adjustments, so I’ve […]

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Building a GraphQL content API to consume AEM content

I read a lot about GraphQL and found many aspects of it that I like. I thought that the best way to educate myself in this technology was to build a GraphQL API and a web application that uses the API. The idea is to consume content from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) via GraphQL API. […]

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Notify your visitors about updates on your web site via web push

Event based integrations via Adobe I/O give us endless opportunities for integrating Adobe products with each other or with external services. In the recent past I’ve built several prototypes for my own education and I would like to present one of them for you. In this post I’m going to present a solution that can […]

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