Scheduling tasks on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

A few years ago I built a couple of simple, event-driven data import pipelines using asynchronous APIs to automate some of my data import activities. I’m a big fan of serverless solutions and nanoservices like AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions (GCF). However, when using functions, you have to be aware of certain limitations and […]

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GraphQL Introduction

I’m happy to share my presentation I held about GraphQL in the recent past. This is an introductory level presentation of the topic, but non-beginners may also find useful thoughts in it. For this event I’ve implemented a demo Trading application with a GraphQL API using a Java GraphQL implementation based on light-4j. I’ll share […]

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Building a GraphQL content API to consume AEM content

I read a lot about GraphQL and found many aspects of it that I like. I thought that the best way to educate myself in this technology was to build a GraphQL API and a web application that uses the API. The idea is to consume content from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) via GraphQL API. […]

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Notify your visitors about updates on your web site via web push

Event based integrations via Adobe I/O give us endless opportunities for integrating Adobe products with each other or with external services. In the recent past I’ve built several prototypes for my own education and I would like to present one of them for you. In this post I’m going to present a solution that can […]

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My Take Aways from adaptTo() 2018… on Testing

This post is the next chapter of My Take Aways from adaptTo() 2018. This time the topic is testing. Intro In September 2018 I’ve attended adaptTo() the fifth times in a row 4th times. Unfortunately I missed adaptTo() 2017 but I visited the conf in 2018 again. This year the organizers made the decision to rent a bigger […]

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