GraphQL Introduction

I’m happy to share my presentation I held about GraphQL in the recent past. This is an introductory level presentation of the topic, but non-beginners may also find useful thoughts in it.
For this event I’ve implemented a demo Trading application with a GraphQL API using a Java GraphQL implementation based on light-4j. I’ll share the details of that work and my learnings from it in one of my next posts.


GraphQL is a great alternative of the most popular API technologies used in web development, which can make the data exchange between the frontend and backend applications more efficient. By using GraphQL we can gain an improvement not just in the application’s performance, but it can also have a positive impact on the development process, frontend-backend collaboration and the team’s productivity.
The presentations highlights GraphQL’s motivation, its benefits, considerations to be made. Additionally it covers a brief introduction of several tools and libraries that can be used to build GraphQL based applications.

I’ve made this presentation for an event organized by my employer and re-published here at my blog with their approval. Please appreciate our efforts and reference this blog if you would like to reuse any content from the presentation.


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