Year: 2019

Google Cloud IoT step-by-step: temperature and humidity monitoring

To entertain myself, to learn some IoT and dive deeper into cloud technologies, I started a new pet project. This post explains how to monitor the temperature and humidity of a room through Google Cloud. The solution consists of the following elements. I ordered a couple of sensors (temperature, humidity, gas, sun light, etc.) in […]

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GraphQL Introduction

I’m happy to share my presentation I held about GraphQL in the recent past. This is an introductory level presentation of the topic, but non-beginners may also find useful thoughts in it. For this event I’ve implemented a demo Trading application with a GraphQL API using a Java GraphQL implementation based on light-4j. I’ll share […]

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Setting up a Kubernetes sandbox in AWS EC2

In this post I’ve summarized the steps you can follow to setup your single-node Kubernetes cluster in AWS EC2 as a sandbox for educational or development purpose. I’ve reviewed several tutorials covering the same topic, but – probably because of the quick evolution of the platforms – none of them worked without adjustments, so I’ve […]

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Building a GraphQL content API to consume AEM content

I read a lot about GraphQL and found many aspects of it that I like. I thought that the best way to educate myself in this technology was to build a GraphQL API and a web application that uses the API. The idea is to consume content from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) via GraphQL API. […]

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Oracle Java support for AEM provided by Adobe directly

Last year Oracle announced changes in its licensing terms of Java. Here is a great Medium article summarizing the changes. Those who want (or have to) stay with Java 8 will be impacted from January 2019, as Java 8 is going through the end of public updates process and there will be no free updates […]

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