Oracle Java support for AEM provided by Adobe directly

Last year Oracle announced changes in its licensing terms of Java. Here is a great Medium article summarizing the changes.

Those who want (or have to) stay with Java 8 will be impacted from January 2019, as Java 8 is going through the end of public updates process and there will be no free updates for commercial use.

I’ve summarized the potential impacts on AEM installations in my post earlier last year (Are you running AEM without a commercial license? Then I have bad news for you.).

However, late December Adobe announced that support and distribution of Oracle Java LTS versions including its updates will be provided by them (Adobe) for AEM customers directly. Details and FAQ on the following link:

Those who use managed services would not be impacted.

Those having their own on-premise installation or non Adobe managed installations in the cloud can download the updates from Adobe directly. This applies to development machines, too.

Pass this information to your clients 🙂


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