Setting up a Kubernetes sandbox in AWS EC2

In this post I’ve summarized the steps you can follow to setup your single-node Kubernetes cluster in AWS EC2 as a sandbox for educational or development purpose. I’ve reviewed several tutorials covering the same topic, but – probably because of the quick evolution of the platforms – none of them worked without adjustments, so I’ve […]

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Notify your visitors about updates on your web site via web push

Event based integrations via Adobe I/O give us endless opportunities for integrating Adobe products with each other or with external services. In the recent past I’ve built several prototypes for my own education and I would like to present one of them for you. In this post I’m going to present a solution that can […]

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My Take Aways from adaptTo() 2018

In September 2018 I’ve attended adaptTo() the fifth times in a row 4th times. Unfortunately I missed adaptTo() 2017 but I visited the conf in 2018 again. This year the organizers made the decision to rent a bigger venue in Potsdam, Germany. adaptTo() is a technical meetup aimed at developers using the Apache Sling, Jackrabbit/Oak and Felix […]

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Are servers dead? Go serverless with Adobe I/O Runtime – Part I.

With this post I continue introducing Adobe’s new technologies, that – in my opinion – will have a big impact on how we create applications that integrate with Adobe products. As the technology discussed in this post is in Alpha status, yet, this post is basically my own interpretation about what we will get. This […]

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