Month: November 2018

Are you running AEM without a commercial Java license? Then I have bad news for you.

Update (Jan/2019): Late December it was announced by Adobe that support and distribution of Oracle Java LTS versions including its updates will be provided by them (Adobe) for AEM customers directly. See my updates on Oracle Java support for AEM provided by Adobe directly Java’s new, agile release train is moving faster, but it comes at a […]

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My Take Aways from adaptTo() 2018… on Testing

This post is the next chapter of My Take Aways from adaptTo() 2018. This time the topic is testing. Intro In September 2018 I’ve attended adaptTo() the fifth times in a row 4th times. Unfortunately I missed adaptTo() 2017 but I visited the conf in 2018 again. This year the organizers made the decision to rent a bigger […]

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